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The meaning of life


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

– Pablo Picasso

I’m pretty sure I’ll get a better sense of my “gift” somewhere along the Appalachian Trail, and my fervent hope is that I can “give it away” through this blog. Maybe you’re a little bit like me: pissed off with your inability to lead a meaningful life, beaten down by a relentless series of failures, and unable to connect with people that aren’t legally obligated to spend time with you. Maybe you happened across this site in the hopes of finding a few moments of colorful distraction from a hectic day. Either way, wouldn’t it be great if I somehow find a way to get it together? We all win!


Hiking the Appalachian Trail for the next 6 months will be fun. It will be hard. There will be fascinating people, but there will also be a lot of alone time. Time to think, time to write, and all of it with my shoes in the soil.


I plan to post something each week when I stop to shower and restock on Snickers and Pop-Tarts. However, based on my extensive research Googling: indoor plumbing and electricity are “coming soon” luxuries at several projected stops and the Internet is considered the devil’s handiwork (I sure hope they’re wrong). So, if you are looking for this week’s post and its not there, its either because I’m drifting through an internet dead zone, or the devil’s got me. It’s absolutely, definitely, never because I’ve had a rough week of hiking and am too tired to find the “add new post” tab on my iPad.


Just in case, I’d appreciate it if you subscribe to receive email notifications when (Almost) Unsalvageable posts something new. (If you don’t see anything from me for awhile, send Iron Man because the devil’s got me – or I need to borrow his mobile hotspot, which is undoubtedly strong enough to penetrate the deepest Appalachian woods. (For those of you that just read this and wonder if I might have some sort of robot fetish, please know that I respect Iron Man as an individual and for his technological prowess – in a purely platonic way. OK. I’ll stop now. But seriously, send for Iron Man if you don’t hear from me.))


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