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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Bridge over untroubled waters

I’m not an artist.

When new friends show me their baby pics, I have a tendency to respond by showing my latest sketches, often with similar paternal fondness. Bragging about barely fridge-worthy efforts? Guilty.

Artists devote years to honing skills that I do not have. A few of my sketches have turned out well, and I absolutely love those sleepy head-pats that Monica gives me when I wake her in the morning to show off my latest creation. But I get a lot of help from digital filters and editing apps to transform the best I can do into something more eye-catching. Real art? Probably not, but I friggin’ love playing.

I began sketching images for blog posts because I couldn’t find photos that would accurately convey the tone and emphasis I wanted. Digital painting relaxed me when I was too anxious to sleep, or too depressed to do anything. It became my art therapy, without the messy cleanup or expensive paint supplies. Continue Reading…

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Training for the trail

You may have seen the Rocky movies. Even if you haven’t, the iconic images of Sylvester Stallone grinding out the miles in a grey hoodie on the grim streets of Philadelphia are probably at least vaguely familiar. No? Then surely you can relate to the frenzied dance workout Jennifer Beals put herself through after a long day at the steel mills in the movie Flashdance. Still nothing? Well, I’m not gonna say your too young to be using grown-up electronics like laptops and smart phones… but you should really consider expanding your cinematic horizons.

Now that I think about it, have you noticed that there really aren’t that many movie role models that have to work-out really hard in order to accomplish their goals? Sure, there’s Kung Fu Panda, but I’m pretty sure his story took place back before my time so even this exception doesn’t hold up. And yes, Jason Bourne is pretty active, but it’s clear he’s not working too hard. Do you ever see Iron Man working out? Or the X-men?

Anyway, I was trying to create a moving and motivational image of someone training tirelessly towards a seemingly impossible goal. Hiking over 2000 miles in less than 6 months is one of those seemingly impossible goals. The vast majority don’t make it. I’ve done some long distance hiking (some of it along the Appalachian Trail) but I’ve never been able to hike more than about 800 miles before crawling (literally) to the nearest motorized transportation that would get me back to my cave.

This time its going to be different! Seriously. I’ve been training for the past few months and I’ve included a few pics below to prove it. I’m eating healthy (I’m still technically a doctor so I get to say what “healthy” is) and Dad forced me out of my cave at least once a week to get outdoors while I was with him in Colorado.

For any fashion-conscious readers out there, no, the awesome onesie that I’m sporting is not for sale, but I can understand why you’d ask…