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I found a Vampire (and he’s totally cool!)

Beautiful Romanian Destinations | Carpathian Mountains | Romanian villages

I hardly pouted at all when our search for vampires in Romanian cities came up empty. A skeptical observer might raise an eyebrow, but I assure you: foot stomping and annoying grunts is not pouting. It’s an incredibly effective way to shed the city grime. Besides, exploring Romania’s cities wasn’t a total loss. Timisoara and Cluj are beautiful places to visit. And after way too much immersion in Bucharest’s intoxicating night life, I learned that “clubbing” has the same impact on me as it does for baby seals.

The search wasn’t over yet. Once we left the big cities, I was sure we were going to get lucky.

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(almost) funny, Living Abroad, Travel

Searching for vampires in Romanian cities

Bucharest at night Romania

I’ll admit it. I’ve been playing for the past several months. Hiking through Massachusetts and Vermont, climbing a few of the highest peaks in Colorado, plenty of city stops in between.

Now, it’s time to get back to work.

Monica is quick to remind me that the job I signed up for is “Househusband,” and while I’m absolutely THRILLED to get another crack at those dirty dishes, we both know the real reason we’re living abroad in Romania…

I’m going to find a vampire.

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Bringing down the House of Cards

Corrupt politician

Recent weeks have ushered in historic change here in Romania:

  • 1 January– The populist Social Democrat Party (PSD) assumed control of Parliament under promises to continue the fight against political corruption, increase wages, and reduce taxes. As an interesting aside, the leader of the party Liviu Dragnea, is serving a suspended sentence for electoral fraud and 2 counts of embezzling approximately $24,000.
  • 6 January– Netflix became available in Romania; and I became unavailable.
  • 31 January– Using arcane parliamentary loopholes, an emergency decree w
    protesting corruption Bucharest

    Largest crowds since the fall of communism assembled to protest decree decriminalizing corruption.

    as passed without debate or full vote to decriminalize corruption. The decree will free hundreds of government employees previously convicted of using their office for personal gain if damages were less than $48,000. Ongoing trails (over 2,000), which impact several prominent members of the Social Democrat Party, will be dismissed.

1 February

  • Record setting crowds protesting corruption in Bucharest and most major cities throughout Romania.
  • Leaders of the European Union cautioned that this decree would cause lasting damage to Romania’s standing as a member of the EU.
  • Romanian President Klaus Ioannis formally challenged this decree in Constitutional Court (the highest court in Romania).

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Are great Blog Posts a matter of taste?


Yay. I’ve just finished writing. Ready to click Publish when I pause just long enough to ask myself, “Is this any good?”

I have, as many of us do, an Inner Editor that should be responsible for this kind of thing, but lately he’s been yelling at me to write faster. Write every day. Write at least a 1000 words. Just write…Right? Continue Reading…

(almost) funny, Living Abroad

Surviving Snow Days

surviving snow days

Finally, Global Warming is over. It’s snowing!


If your days are like mine, you’re buried in the bedroom, reading several great books, watching reruns on HBO, and art therapizing to keep the next funk at bay. No?

You’re weird.


I’m giving my inner child plenty of space to play, and my outer-introvert some much needed time away from people. Not all people, just real people.


Normally, this is where I’m supposed to say, “It’s not you, it’s me.” But Facebook just told me that it’s snowing everywhere. Cars are covered in snow, schools are closing, and yet again some ass is showing me a better way to get through those obstacles that block me from getting where I need to go. (Sure, that last one isn’t really relevant, but this post is going to be short on pithy insights. You deserve your money’s worth.) Continue Reading…