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Surviving Snow Days

January 9th, 2017|(almost) funny, Lost in Romania|

Finally, Global Warming is over. It’s snowing!   If your days are like mine, you’re buried in the bedroom, reading several great books, watching reruns on HBO, and art therapizing to keep the next funk at bay. No? You're weird.   I’m giving my inner child plenty of space to play, and my outer-introvert some much needed time away from [...]

Lessons Hollywood taught me on the Trail

January 5th, 2017|(almost) funny, Tales from the Trail|

It’s the beginning of the new year. Since my Facebook newsfeed is almost exclusively hiking porn and family updates, I’ve been inundated with excitement from hikers getting ready for another hiking season. Usually it’s hiking the AT, or the PCT, the CDT, and occasionally it’s one of the cool European trails like the Camino (“cool” because that’s where Monica and [...]

An American Werewolf in Romania

December 30th, 2016|Lost in Romania|

Read this story in Romanian Română Before you head for FactCheck.org, I want to clear up any confusion the title may suggest. I’m an American, but when I’m not hiking through places on my bucket list, I live in Romania with my wife Monica. While I was hairy enough towards the end of my Appalachian Trail hike [...]

My latest post will be found in the Trek

December 10th, 2016|Guest Post|

In the wake of several wildfires affecting the Appalachian Trail this year, I wrote an editorial for the Trek. Hiking enthusiasts know the site best as Appalachian Trials but it has recently undergone an upgrade and rebranding. Even though it doesn't quite fit with the adventures of a guy hiking through a lot of messy issues, I thought you might [...]

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Short Stories

Are great Blog Posts a matter of taste?

Yay. I’ve just finished writing. Ready to click Publish when I pause just long enough to ask myself, “Is this any good?” I have, as many of us do, an Inner Editor that should be responsible for this kind of thing, but lately he’s been yelling at me to write faster. Write every day. Write at least a 1000 words. Just write…Right? Don’t know about your Inner Editor, but mine is Eddie. He has anger management issues.   I’m told that writing, like golf and surgery, and making the perfect omelet, is one of those 10,000 hour skills. [...]

January 18th, 2017|

Canyoneering is for crazy People

This post is a break from the narrative of our journey along the Appalachian Trail. I know, I know, the blog is already about 900 miles behind, but I hope this post provides some context for those that follow. More importantly, I've recently celebrated my 100th day on the Trail. I wanted to say that the mosquito that bit me today was the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson of the mosquito that was born the day I started my hike, but Google tells me that the females (who apparently live 6-8 weeks) are the blood suckers, while the short-lived but far more amiable [...]

July 29th, 2016|

What is an (Almost) Unsalvageable life?

I rarely drink in public anymore. To be fair, I don’t do much of anything around large groups of people. I don’t drink in public because I prefer to do my drinking in places where crowd control won’t be an issue, but also because I seem to get cornered by strangers that need to unload a secret or issue they’ve been struggling with. As they tell me about losing their job, accidentally running over their dog with the car, and/or cheating on their husband, my nervous visual search for an emergency exit must look like everyone else’s empathy and attentive [...]

March 17th, 2016|

Escape from Bucharest

The 10-hour train ride away from Bucharest was either a trip back in time, or a view beyond the apocalypse. Angry faded graffiti covered the overpasses and returning train cars. Decimated factories groaned through glass-fanged window panes. These gave way to abandoned vehicles, piles of rubble and trash. Finally, finally, vegetation and even trees claimed more of the view. Solitary single-story homes were brightly painted and surrounded by overgrown gardens. Sunflower fields kept a uniform watch on the progress of the sun. Then there were honest-to-God peasants. And they walked in front of sway-backed horses that pulled rickety carts loaded [...]

March 15th, 2016|